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What if you wanted to die, for a good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all, even a bad haircut? What if there was a facility to legally assist you in your death?

At Death’s Door is the story of widowed Portia. She is overwhelmed by her husband Jonathan’s recent death and does not believe she can live without him. She finds Death’s Door, assisted death franchises, much like McDonalds but without the happy meal that will help her die.

Portia moves into Death’s Door and deals with her decision to die in the face of leaving her daughter Bethany behind. Portia meets other residents who have chosen to die for various reasons: sick with AIDS, victim of stroke, sufferer of chronic depression and PTSD, and those who are simply getting out while the getting’s good.

Before her husband died, he and Portia examined their beliefs about the existence of the hereafter: heaven (There aren’t angels playing harps to the tune “I’m forever yours”), purgatory (There isn’t one), mortal sin (They will not spend eternity in hell). They agreed that when they die, boom, show’s over, fat lady sings. And yet Portia wants to believe that she will see Jonathan when she dies.